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With You Every Step of the Way 

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Private Counseling via Telehealth
Flexibility for Your Busy Schedule

I offer HIPAA compliant telehealth sessions to fit your busy schedule. This services requires you to have a stable internet connection and private space to talk. 

Autism and ADHD Evaluations 

Learn more about testing services at 


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What do we do in therapy? 

Not all therapy is alike. Here are some of the things we might talk about or address in sessions. 

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Who You Want To Be

  • Your ideal version of yourself

  • How you want to act when things get hard

  • How you want to treat yourself

  • Prioritizing what's important

  • What you want out of your life 


What's Getting In Your Way

  • Those pesky thoughts and feelings

  • Behaviors or patterns that just aren't working anymore

  • The dreaded "childhood stuff" (Yeah, we're probably going to talk about it)

  • Past or current life stresses

  • Roles and relationships that aren't serving you 


How to Get Unstuck

  • Strategies to get unstuck from unhelpful thoughts and feelings

  • Mindfulness

  • Self compassion

  • Doing what matters, even when you don't feel like it

  • Self care (it's not all massages and face masks)

What is ACT?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (pronounced "ACT" like the verb, not the letters) is an evidence based treatment for symptoms related to anxiety, depression, trauma, and neurodivergence. There are six main focus areas that can be woven into treatment depending on your unique needs. 


Other Treatment Approaches


DBT skills can be used to learn to focus on the present moment, improve emotional regulation, communicate better with others, and tolerate difficult emotions. 


CBT can be used to identify unhelpful thought patterns and replace these with more helpful self talk and behaviors. 

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